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Biomarker Services

Tepnel’s biomarker services portfolio is focussed on biomarker discovery, personalised medicine and the development of companion diagnostic products. We offer a broad range of services for the identification of biomarkers, assay development, validation and companion diagnostic development in support of genomic research, clinical trials and personalised medicine.

We can support all stages of the companion diagnostics development process including design control, kit manufacture, validation studies and production. All our services can be run as “Research Use Only” or as a regulatory compliant service, GCP, for application in a clinical setting.

The use of our biomarker discovery, validation and diagnostic development expertise in combination with novel therapeutics will improve patient outcomes and have a fundamental impact on patient health.

About biomarker services

Our biomarker services includes DNA/RNA and miRNA extraction from multiple sample types, gene expression, SNP genotyping, copy number and epigenetic analysis using microarrays, qPCR, Sanger sequencing, fragment analysis, Luminex and next generation sequencing.

Tepnel’s scientists have a wealth of experience using a variety of technology platforms including Invader Chemistry, Illumina, Affymetrix microarrays, qPCR, Luminex and the Ion Torrent PGM. We are a certified service provider for Illumina, Affymetrix and Ion Torrent.


From our dedicated analytical and production facility, Tepnels’ experienced team will guide you through every aspect of your project from initial study design through to data analysis. Projects are conducted in accordance with a quality system which incorporates Good Clinical Practice and ISO17025.

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