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Biomarker Services Brochure

Tepnel Pharma Services offers a comprehensive range of services for biomarker discovery, assay development, assay validation and companion diagnostic development to support your pre-clinical, clinical and translational studies.

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Companion Diagnostic Services Brochure

Tepnel Pharma Services support Companion Diagnostic (CDx) development from early pre-clinical research and biomarker discovery through to the development, manufacture and regulatory approval of a CDx test. We support all stages of the CDx development process, including design control, cGMP kit manufacture, validation studies, production of Investigational Use Only assays for use in clinical trials and regulatory submission.

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FFPE Biomarker Services

Tepnel Pharma Services has significant experience working with FFPE tissue in a wide range of biomarker discovery and validation studies. Our scientists have the expertise and know-how to ensure the data produced for your study is of unparalleled quality providing you with the maximum return on your valuable samples.

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Invader and InvaderPlus Service

Tepnel Pharma Services offers a fully customisable service utilising Invader and InvaderPlus chemistries for biomarker discovery, assay development, assay validation and companion diagnostic development in support of pre-clinical, clinical and personalised medicine studies.


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Invader and InvaderPlus AgBio Service

Tepnel Pharma Services offers a fully customisable service utilising Invader and InvaderPlus chemistries. The Invader chemistry platform is a proprietary, cost effective isothermal, DNA-probe based system utilised in a wide range of applications in the agricultural and research markets.

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Invader Platform vs Other Genotyping Technologies Poster

A comparison of the Invader and InvaderPlus platforms with other genotyping technologies.


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Invader Poster

High throughput genotyping using the Invader® and InvaderPlus® platforms.

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White papers and case studies

Making Your Mark
Biomarker discovery is not straightforward. Extra attention at the study design stage can make the development process much more efficient, realising the potential of these valuable tools.
December 2011, by Bob Holt, European Pharmaceutical Contractor.
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Biomarker Boom – A look at the different testing methods and how the results impact drug development.
April, 2009, By Emma Waite, Applied Clinical Trials.

Genotyping: Under the Microscope, Dr. Steve Dodsworth, director of molecular genetic services for Tepnel Research Products & Services, assesses that with molecular insight comes the opportunity to counter disease development and progression.
April, 2008, By Steve Dodsworth, Applied Clinical Trials.
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Validating Immunoassays: Best Practice Principles – Emma Waite at Tepnel Research Products and Services assesses the guidelines on the validation of immunoassays, and discusses the challenges of validation, weighing up how they differ from chromatographic assays.
Spring 2008, by Emma Waite, European Biopharmaceutical Review.
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