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In partnership with Fios Genomics Ltd. we offer a wide range of bespoke data analysis solutions and bioinformatics for a variety of application areas (e.g. gene expression and methylation analysis). Services range from data QC and basic statistics to advanced approaches such as network and pathway based analysis, clustering techniques and data mining/integration methods to produce a comprehensive picture of the underlying biology of your experiment.

Fios Genomics is a provider of an extensive range of bioinformatics data analysis services to pharma, CROs and academia for drug discovery & development and applied research across all species. Using proprietary computer solutions enables Fios to analyse large datasets in parallel saving processing time and avoiding the complications that can arise when analysing data in batches.

Fios are specialists in the analysis of high dimensional, multi-variant datasets and in recognising patterns and trends associated with a trait, disease or drug response from genomic, transcriptomic or proteomic data.

Specific microarray associated services include:

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