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Tepnel Pharma Services exit from the UK GLP Compliance Programme

In early 2017 after reviewing business trends and customer enquiries, Tepnel made the decision to begin the process of withdrawing from the UK GLP Compliance programme. This was done purposefully to shift part of the business focus away from preclinical animal studies on to Tepnel’s thriving cGMP orientated service, with continued support for GCP sample analysis. This was seen as a logical shift as the relationship between manufacturing and clinical trials is a close one.

In June 2017, Tepnel contacted the MHRA notifying them of the intention to leave the UK GLP Compliance Programme. This culminated in a routine closure audit by the MHRA on the 14 July 2017 and subsequently a formal acknowledgement of Tepnel leaving the programme from the MHRA on the 1 Dec 2017. Tepnel were advised by the MHRA that in the future they could apply re-join the programme in the event the business circumstances were ever to change and favour this option.

A. McCallum

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