Lot and Batch Release Testing

Quality Control testing for drug release of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in the EU and across the globe.

Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products require batch release within the European Community (EC) or European Economic Area (EEA) of medicinal products holding a marketing authorisation or made for export. You need a partner that can provide you with regulatory compliant QC testing in a turnaround time that shortens the period from product manufacture to availability to the patient.

We offer in-house batch release and lot release testing for products, including chemical and microbiology testing services

Our Services Include:
  • A wide range of analytical technologies including: HPLC (UV, PDA, FLU, ELSD, RI, CAD), UPLC (TUV, PDA, SQD), H-Class HPLC method development, LC/MS/MS, Maldi-Tof, GC, Isolator Technology, APSD (NGI, ACI), ELISA, SDS-PAGE
  • Complete microbiological testing including: sterility testing, bacterial endotoxin (LAL) testing, bioburden analysis – harmonised absence of and total viable counts, microbial identification, preservative efficacy Testing, microbiological antibiotic assay, specialist microbiological method development and validation
  • Complete compendial analysis (BP, EP, JP and USP)
  • API, IMP, FP batch release testing and lot release testing for small molecules, inhaled products and biopharmaceuticals
  • Method transfer and analyst exchange

Approved and accredited
QC testing laboratory

Tepnel Pharma Services is an approved and accredited QC testing laboratory with a long history of batch release and lot release testing. We provide a wealth of experience across a wide range of small molecule, inhaled products and biopharmaceutical product types in accordance with the requirements of the MHRA and the FDA.

Tepnel Pharma Services also has experience in batch release testing of products manufactured outside the EU.

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