Our Team

At Tepnel Pharma Services we focus on the provision of pharmaceutical testing in support of drug development with an emphasis on inhalation, oral dosage, parenteral and biologics. Our people are committed to providing laboratory services that deliver on the promise of quality, through a highly skilled workforce and a customer focused performance working alongside you towards a common goal.


Chief Executive Officer

Scotland is one of the most vibrant life science communities across the whole of Europe.”


Senior Manager, Quality

“We provide our clients with data that provides them with the confidence that a drug is fit for purpose”


Business Development Manager, Commercial

“One of the many things we do really well at Tepnel is Quality and Technical compliance.”


Scientific Operations Manager

“My team are beyond colleagues, they’re like family to me”


Commercial Manager

“We progressively keep up with the market to ensure that we can deliver everything that the customer wants.”


Director & General Manager

We provide quality from the moment we get the business right through to sample release.”

Andy McCallum

Senior Manager, Quality, Tepnel Pharma Services

Andy has spent the last 30 years working in the field of pharma services. Educated in chemistry at Napier University in Edinburgh, and following with Membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Chartered Chemist status, Andy began initially as an analytical chemist subsequently moving into the field of quality assurance where he has worked for the last 20 years. He has supported the development of Tepnel Pharma Services throughout its journey as it has grown and thrived within the highly regulated pharma services market place.

As Senior Manager, Quality, Andy has been involved with GXP regulatory compliance throughout his career and is committed to these standards and their focus on safe patient outcomes. He has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Tepnel Pharmaceutical Quality System. Andy leads the Tepnel quality team and has ensured compliance both with Tepnel procedures and with ever evolving regulatory requirements is paramount. He has a long and successful experience with regulatory inspections from the MHRA and FDA and believes that the success of the company must be forged on a sound compliance basis to the benefit of all stakeholders.

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Dave Scott

Chief Executive Officer

Dave is an experienced and time served member of the pharma services with a 25 years career spanning a journey from the bench to the boardroom. With a proven track record of general management and strategic thinking, Dave has led the growth and development of Tepnel Pharma Services both as an SME and as a subsidiary of a large global US healthcare and diagnostics company.

Dave understands the complexities of the pharma services marketplace and is a natural strategic thinker and leader. He is passionate about driving a company ethos which focusses on the needs of the stakeholder both from within his own organisation and also from the customer’s perspective. Dave believes that people matter and that it is his people who make the business and the customer experience. Dave is committed to the health and prosperity of the community within which he has worked and as such is a member of the Life Sciences Advisory Board of Scotland and the industry chair of the Scottish Pharma Services Steering Group.

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