Nucleon: The market-leading solution to your DNA extraction needs

For more than 18 years, Tepnel’s proprietary Nucleon extraction chemistry has provided a means to extract high quality DNA, an essential requirement for all downstream genomic analysis.

The Nucleon chemistry is designed specifically for the rapid and efficient recovery of high yields of very high molecular weight, pure DNA suitable for long term biobanking. With DNA yields of up to 800µg/10mL from blood volumes ranging from 0.3 – 50mL and turnaround times as fast as 24 hours, Nucleon represents a market-leading solution to your DNA extraction needs.

Why Nucleon?

Efficiency The DNA is not bound to a solid surface at any point in the process. This avoids exposing the DNA to shearing forces and promotes the recovery of high yields of highly intact DNA.
Purity The recovered DNA is free from impurities that might affect downstream applications and consistently provides A260/A280 ratios of ≥ 1.80.
Principle The Nucleon proprietary resin is added following cell lysis, deproteinisation with sodium perchlorate and a single partition against chloroform. This resin covalently binds proteins and subsequently forms a semi-solid stratum during partitioning that traps proteinaceous material at the interface and in the organic phase. This facilitates removal of the aqueous phase, ensuring excellent recovery of high quality DNA. The Nucleon DNA extraction chemistry is not based on spin columns or magnetic beads, consequently scaling up to large input sample volumes/weights is simple and cost effective.

Performance data:

High yield (370-800μg/10mL blood) High purity (A260/A280 > 1.8) High MWt DNA (>50kb) Economical large volume sample extraction Fully scalable (0.3mL to 50mL blood, 0.5 to 4mL saliva, 5mg to 500mg tissue and 3×106 to 1.5×108 cells)

Sample types:

Nucleon is compatible for use with whole blood, including aged blood samples, and many other sample types including:

  • Lymphocytes and buffy coats
  • Saliva collected into commercially available kits for e.g. Oragene Kits
  • Frozen tissue and biopsy material
  • Buccal scrapes / swabs and mouthwash samples
  • Cultured cells (mammalian and bacterial)
  • Blood cards